Intermediate Hindi Grammar 

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Continue learning Hindi with the Intermediate Grammar course which picks up where the Beginner course ends. 

About The Course

Master Hindi Grammar 

Learn more involved grammatical concepts and master intermediate level Hindi skills through eight instructive video lessons, accompanying drills sheets, cheat sheets and practice sessions. All lessons in the Intermediate Course are now available and include:


  • Command Form With Aap
  • Command Form Continued
  • Plural Nouns and Adjective Agreement
  • Possesives
  • Postpositions with Ke
  • Simple Past Tense
  • The Ko Postposition
  • Oblique Forms of Nouns

“I learned Hindi grammar with Hindi Unlocked! I have not seen Hindi grammar explained as clearly or as simply anywhere else. Specifically, it has given me skills and confidence in speaking, writing, and overall understanding of the language.”

Jessica, Former Student

Our Classes

Here is What you Will Learn

Past Tense Hindi

Past Tense

Learn how to use the past tense in Hindi! Many students struggle with the past tense because of its complexity. We help students cut through the confusion with clear lessons and cheat sheets that show you how the past tense works and how to unlock it!

Hindi Post Positions

Post Positions and Oblique Forms

Learn about Hindi postpositions. English has prepositions, Hindi has postpositions that do lots of things! Learn the possesive form, how to signify a direct object, positional postpostions and how they cause pronouns to change form.

Nouns in Hindi

Nouns and Adjectives

Get into the nitty-gritty of nouns and adjective incuding pluralization, noun gender, adjective-noun agreement and oblique noun forms. Drill and practice it all with specialize drill sheets and cheat sheets and unlock Hindi nouns and adjectives!

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