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Learn Hindi the easy way and unlock the language with simple tips and tricks from someone who has been there and learned it himself. 

Simple Hindi Courses

Check out our simple Devanagari Script and Hindi Grammar courses. Then progress rapidly through each stage from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Start learning no matter what your current level is through our distinct courses.

Don't Learn Hindi The Hard Way

Tired of just memorizing phrases? Also, are you trying to learn the script by memorizing the chart? Don’t learn the hard way! Instead, Unlock Hindi by having the keys of the language explained to you in simple ways you can quickly understand.

Learn Hindi from Someone Who Has Been There

I am so happy that you have found HindiUnlocked. I know that learning Hindi can be a challenge because I had to learn it myself. Along the way I found some shortcuts, some keys to making learning Hindi easier and I want to share those with you. Also there are a lot of teachers out there who will teach you as if you are a child. But you’re certainly not a kid, so learn like an adult! In other words, don’t learn Hindi the hard way. Instead learn the keys that will unlock the Hindi language. Learn with HindiUnlocked!

Jon Rider

Start Reading Hindi from the Very First Lesson

Learn to read Hindi fast using our revolutionary approach. First, you will learn a few basic vowels and consonants and then begin putting words together from the very first lesson. You will rapidly be able to recognize Hindi words and be confident in pronouncing them as a result.

The Complete Hindi Script Course contains 3 levels of Hindi script comprised of 5 lessons each. Complete all 3 to learn the entire script. Get access to them by signing up for a subscription or buying the complete Hindi Script Course.

Learn to Read Hindi Fast
Learn Hindi with easy lessons

Understand The Grammar

Learn Hindi grammar rapidly and gain a strong understanding of it. Don’t get bogged down in grammar or be afraid of it, instead, let it be the key which unlocks the door to speaking Hindi confidently right away.

The beginner Hindi Grammar course is now available. This powerful course includes 8 in-depth video lessons. The beginner grammar course is included in the subscription price, so Subscribe now or buy the course



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Beginner Grammar


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Intermediate Grammar


Continue advancing in your Hindi learning with the Intermediate Hindi Grammar Course, available now!


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