The Beginner Hindi Grammar course will rapidly equip you with the tools you need to learn the ins and outs of Hindi grammar. Have the grammar explained to you clearly in simple terms and internalize the keys of the grammar with followup drills. The course contains 8 lessons:

  1. Pronoun Introduction
  2. Present Habitual Tense Introduction
  3. Present Continuous Tense Introduction
  4. Future Tense Introduction
  5. Pronouns Continued
  6. Present Habitual Tense Continued
  7. Present Continuous Tense Continued
  8. Future Tense Continued

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 Month

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

HindiUnlocked HindiUnlocked Author

Beginner Grammar – Single Course


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  1. I really enjoyed this beginner course! It was easy to follow and taken in small steps so I could practice and master concepts and vocabulary before moving on. The practice at the end was also very helpful! I so appreciated consistently hearing how important it was to drill and master. I always need to be reminded not to move too quickly! Thank you for a great course!

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